UREA SR is registered and approved in the European Union as a feed additive that improves the protein supply of ruminants.


Microorganisms in the rumen convert provender with high crude fiber content and protein into well digestible bacteria biomass.

  • Forage with very low protein content can lead to a nitrogen deficiency of the microbes and to a negative nitrogen balance in the rumen (= ruminal nitrogen balance, RNB) of the ruminants.
  • UREA SR can to a certain extent improve the N-deficiency of the microbes.
  • As a consequence, the milk yield of the dairy cow increases due to a better protein supply.


How to apply UREA SR?

  • UREA SR may only be fed to animals with a functional rumen.
  • Feeding urea to the maximum level dose should be done gradually. The maximum content of urea should be only fed as part of diets rich in easily digestible carbohydrates and low in soluble nitrogen. A maximum of 30 % of total nitrogen in the daily ration should come from urea-N.
  • Detailed instructions for feeding are provided by all supply outlets for UREA SR as well as by local support points.

In brief

  • nutritionally enhanced feed additive
  • 46 % Nmicroprills with a diameter of 1-3 mm
  • bulk density: 690-720 kg/m³100%
  • batch controlled
  • FAMI QS certified
  • Available in 25 kg bags on 1000 kg one way-pallets or in 1000 kg big bags

Please note, that may not be available in your country.