N-Management tool, what is that?

Applying fertilizers in the appropriate way is a concern for Borealis L.A.T.

Matching nitrogen availability precisely to current plant needs and actual soil nutrient supply maximizes yield, minimizes environmental impact and optimizes profit. Borealis L.A.T is involved in the broadcasting of Nitrogen management tools that help the farmer to measure plant nitrogen needs in order to adjust fertilizer nitrogen applications correspondingly.

"Ask the plant, not the soil"

The nitrogen fertilization demand of a crop is never constant and can alternate from year to year and - also within a year - from site to site considerably. Only the split of N-fertilization in 3-4 amounts makes it possible to adjust the N-fertilization on every plot and in every year optimally to the actual plant demand. But what does "optimum" mean?

All soil analysis methods so far for the forecast of the optimal nitrogen demand turned out to be lengthy, lavish or unreliable. The change from the system "ask the soil" to the system "ask the plant" brought a paradigm change for the efforts and costs as well as for the accuracy. Borealis L.A.T is promoting handheld tools like the N-Pilot® to measure the nitrogen nutritional status directly in the field. The plant analysis with those tools provides immediate and reliable as well as useful information on the actual nutritional situation of your crops. From this measurement the optimal N-fertilization amount at the stage of stem elongation / until the earing of the grain can be derived.



Click here in order to watch how our new nitrogen diagnosis tool  N-Pilot® works in combination with the N-Pilot® application



N-Pilot App for Smartphone und Tablet

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