Watersoluble Fertilizer

L.A.T SUPREMO W are crystalline water soluble fertilizers. They can be used for fertigation as well as for foliar application and in all types of irrigation systems.

L.A.T SUPREMO W products offer the highest quality:

  • 100% solubility & no impurities
  • Anti caking
  • Very low heavy metals contents
  • Homonogeneus quality (mean diameter 450μm)

Thanks to a wide range of formulations, L.A.T SUPREMO W products can be used for all crops.

Product rangeProduct sheet
L.A.T SUPREMO 8/17/41 +TEProduct sheet
L.A.T SUPREMO 20/20/20 +TEProduct sheet
L.A.T SUPREMO 10/50/10 +TEProduct sheet
L.A.T SUPREMO 15/5/30 +TEProduct sheet
L.A.T SUPREMO 29/10/10 +TEProduct sheet