Crop Fertilisation Program

The L.A.T SUPREMO ranges is composed by a wide range of products and the different formulas cover all nutritive needs of the majority of crops at crucial growing stages.

As a partner of your fertilization, Borealis L.A.T provides you some fertilization program on the major crop.

AvocadoFertigation Program
BeansFertigation Program


Fertigation Program
CauliflowerFertigation Program
CabbageFertigation Program
CarrotFertigation Program
ChiliFertigation Program
CitrusFertigation Program
CoffeeFertigation Program
CucumberFertigation Program
EggplantFertigation Program
LettuceFertigation Program
MelonFertigation Program
OnionsFertigation Program
PeppersFertigation Program
PotatoFertigation Program
SquashFertigation Program
StrawberryFertigation Program
TomatoFertigation Program
VineyardFertigation Program
WatermelonFertigation Program