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  • NAC 27 N

    Concentrated, fast working and usable anywhere - NAC 27 N is the leading product in the area of nitrogen fertilization. Best granulate quality facilitates optimal distribution.

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  • COMPLEX 15/15/15+7SO3+Zn

    COMPLEX 15/15/15 +7SO3+Zn is a PK-intensive compound fertilizer for soils and cultures with high basic nutrient requirements.

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  • appropriate
  • NAC+S 26 N+13SO3

    NAC+S 26 N +13SO3 is a highly efficient formula for the vegetation start, due to its high sulphate-sulphur and nitrate-nitrogen content.

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  • NAC+S 27 N+9SO3

    NAC+S 27 N +9SO3 is concentrated in nitrogen and has a high content of nitric-N which is fast working. The formula is also enriched in sulphur.

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  • COMPLEX 12/12/17+2MgO+12SO3+B+Zn

    COMPLEX 12/12/17 +2MgO+12SO3+B+Zn contains potash in chloride and sulphate form. The PK strong formula of this fertilizer is optimally enhanced with the micronutrients of boron and zinc.

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  • COMPLEX 20/20+7SO3+Zn

    The NP-fertilizer with a balanced ratio of nutrients is the ideal supplement to manures and to straight potash fertilization.

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  • VARIO 18/11/11+5SO3

    The formula of this NPK fertilizer consists of COMPLEX 15/15/15 +7SO3+Zn for about 2/3 and of NAC 27 N for about 1/3.

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  • VARIO 21/7/7

    This fertilizer blend contains COMPLEX 15/15/15 +7SO3+Zn and NAC 27 N in almost the same parts.

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  • limited acceptance
  • UREA 46 N

    A slow-acting nitrogenous fertilizer. With the incorporation in the soil you avoid exhaust gas losses to the air even at high temperatures and humidity.

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