Borealis L.A.T to establish a centralised Customer Service Centre

Borealis L.A.T announces the establishment of a centralised Customer Service Centre (CSC) in Budapest, Hungary as of November 2018. The new office will be responsible for all fertilizer customers in Central Europe, South-East Europe and North-West Europe as well as all Technical Nitrogen (TEN) customers.

The objective of this consolidation is to continue to provide high-level customer service quality and to achieve increased efficiency and productivity. Included in the scope of consolidation are the following Borealis L.A.T CSCs: Linz (Austria), Paris (France), Bucharest (Romania), Sofia (Bulgaria), Ceske Budejovice (the Czech Republic), Beled (Hungary), Belgrade (Serbia), Monza (Italy), Chotin (Slovakia), Osijek (Croatia), Sabac (Serbia) and Athens (Greece).

There will be no immediate changes to customers or partners of Borealis L.A.T. Existing Customer Service Representatives will continue serving customers during the internal transition period. Borealis will do its utmost to keep customer service and collaboration with customers and partners as smooth as possible. Service in local language is the prerequisite for Borealis L.A.T customers and when building a new CSC team in Budapest, language skills will be one important aspect.

New contact details will be provided to customers and partners at the latest in October. Borealis L.A.T expects to have the new CSC in Budapest fully operational by the end of 2018.

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