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Borealis L.A.T GmbH
St.-Peter-Straße 25
A-4021 Linz/Austria
Telephone: +43 (0) 732 6915-0
Fax: +43 (0) 732 6915-5990
Registered with: the Commercial Court of Linz under FN 257746 p
VAT identification number: ATU 61391247
Business licenses
Business: trading business
Managing Director according to the trade law: Ing. Mag. Ernst Buchner

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Borealis L.A.T has made every reasonable effort in order to ensure that the information made available on this website is correct and complete at the time it is made available. However, it may contain mistakes that were made unintentionally and by chance, and we would like to apologize for this.

Borealis L.A.T does not make any promise or warranty as far as information made available on this website such as hyperlinks or other contents used either directly or indirectly via the Borealis L.A.T website is concerned. Furthermore Borealis L.A.T reserves the right to change or amend the information that is made available without prior notice. Borealis L.A.T accepts no liability whatsoever for incorrect or missing information on the Borealis L.A.T website; for this reason, the user shall be solely responsible for all decisions that are made on the basis of information contained on the website that is made available. Borealis L.A.T accepts no liability whatsoever for direct, actual damage or consequential damage or any other kind of damage caused for whatever reason in connection with the direct or indirect use of information made available on the Borealis L.A.T website.

Unless stated otherwise, Borealis L.A.T has the exclusive copyright for all documents made available on the Borealis L.A.T website and of materials used for them. As far as all rights (e.g. ownership, industrial property rights, copyright) are concerned, nobody is granted a license or any other right. The documents may only be copied for personal use and for the purpose of gathering information, and copying or using it for any other purpose is expressly prohibited. It is expressly prohibited to use brands (e.g. labels, logos) independently of the presence of a symbol. All of the above-mentioned provisions shall also apply to software that is retrieved directly or indirectly from the Borealis L.A.T website or can be used via it. Insofar as software of third parties is accessed via hyperlinks, the provisions defined by the relevant supplier shall apply and his/her rights shall be complied with.

Every user of the Borealis L.A.T website who makes available information to Borealis L.A.T accepts that Borealis L.A.T is granted unlimited rights as far as this information is concerned and that Borealis L.A.T may use it in any desired way. The information made available by the user is not subject to confidentiality. Personal user data is subject to the Austrian Data Protection Act 2000 and shall only be used by Borealis L.A.T in the scope that is necessary for providing individual support or for the maintenance of customer master data.

Disclosure according to § 24, Austrian Media Act:
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