Borealis’ Commitment to Ethics

Doing business according to high ethical standards

Borealis’ commitment to ethical business is firmly rooted in the company’s core values :

  • Responsible,
  • Respect,
  • Exceed
  • and Nimblicity™ – which drive all its actions and the way business is conducted.

Borealis acknowledges the responsibility to respect and promote the values of the international community, in particular the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, and to uphold internationally recognised labour standards in its operations and supply chain. Borealis has established an extensive ethics governance system that clearly defines standards and guidelines.
This system seeks to prevent any unacceptable behaviours. Borealis’ zero-tolerance policy for corruption allows no exceptions, and infractions may result in disciplinary measures.

Borealis’ commitment to ethics goes beyond its own employees – all Borealis agents, suppliers and distributors are also obliged to comply with the company’s ethical principles.

Ethics Policy

Developed on the basis of international agreements, the Borealis Ethics Policy sets out the minimum standards of conduct expected from employees, suppliers, distributors and any other business partners.

The policy covers a wide range of topics including human rights standards, how to deal with conflicts of interest, how to avoid bribery, as well as general principles on how the company competes.

The guidelines are available in various languages and downloadable.

Ethics Ambassadors

To facilitate and support implementation and awareness of the Borealis Ethics Policy, a wide network of Ethics Ambassadors across all Borealis geographic locations, business functions and cultures throughout the company has been established.
These Ethics Ambassadors assist in creating and maintaining a high awareness of ethics in the company through regular trainings, workshops and awareness campaigns targeting to all employees, no matter which organisational role or hierarchical level. They also assist and support employees in making the right decision whenever they face ethical dilemmas.

Complaint and grievances mechanism

Reporting unethical behaviours can be done via different channels such as by informing a Borealis Line Manager or the Borealis Ethics Officer. The Borealis ‘QuestionLine’ is a whistleblowing tool accessible via email and telephone which provides employees and external stakeholders a completely confidential way to report unethical behaviours and/or raise questions and concerns.

Every alert received is registered, evaluated, documented and investigated before appropriate actions are taken.

Download the pdf file in English