UAN 30 N
UAN 30 N is a liquid nitrogen fertilizer, a water solution of ammonium nitrate and urea. It contains half of its nitrogen content as rapidly effective ammonium nitrate.
Application hint
Can be applied on field crops, e.g. maize and cereals. Due to its liquid form, application on crops is recommended only in case of proper weather conditions (avoiding too strong direct sunshine and too high temperatures) in order to prevent damage of the leaves.
  • Contains nitrogen in three different forms (ammonium, nitrate and urea)
  • Can be applied directly to plant foliage
  • Various herbicides, insecticides and fungicides can be applied at the same time (*to be checked with producer)
  • Can be blended with other crop nutrients and trace elements
  • Even distribution
N total 30
N nitric 7.5
N ammoniacal 7.5
N ureic 15.0

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