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Brexit has continued to be the backdrop for most of 2020 and with some uncertainty over the eventual outcome the agricultural sector has continued to roll up its sleeves and ‘get the job done’!

This has resulted in a significant slowdown of all fertiliser sales as growers assessed the situation prior to making any commitments. As a lot of growers continue to wait or opt for a ‘just in time’ approach during the application period, bottlenecks could arise as suppliers struggle to meet demand resulting in late deliveries and missed opportunities. In recent weeks logistics have been a key factors as many UK blenders attempt to secure vessels for shipment prior to any potential tariffs that may occur in the event of a no deal Brexit.  

With that in mind, we at Borealis L.A.T are working with our UK partners to ensure that there is good availability of all our nitrate based products heading into 2021.

As last year, the weather has played its part for most of 2020. The Spring and Summer seasons allowed both the grassland and arable markets to benefit from ideal growing conditions although the sector was still feeling the effects of last years wet weather that hampered drilling and ultimately affected final yields. Once again the last few weeks has seen more torrential rain impacting those areas in the UK that are still to complete their drilling.

As a business we continue to increase our profile throughout both the UK and Irish markets. This year we launched our brand awareness and efficiency is key campaigns, which were tremendously successful. This coincided with the re-branding of our NS product lines of MYNITRAS ® across Europe . For further information on our campaigns and product portfolios please contact our UK and Ireland Sales Manager, Tom Holt, on (from UK) (from Ireland)

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