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investments in our business across North West Europe

As an industry we continue to face many uncertainty’s.  An ever-growing population that needs feeding and a greater focus on sustainability and climate change are challenges we must not lose sight on.  This year, in France, we launched our NutriGuide tool which allows farmers and resellers to incorporate a range of parameters used to determine the amount of fertilizer application required for their specific needs. NutriGuide then generates instant recommendations for optimal fertilizer types and amounts compliant with local regulations. Smart farming technologies increase crop yields whilst ensuring optimal fertilizer application. This not only reduces fertilizer costs to farmers, but also helps avoid over-fertilization and excess run-off from fields. 

Away from digital smart farm technologies, we continue to invest and develop our business across North West Europe. Last month, at our production facility in Grand Quevilly, we commissioned our new bagging line, creating a fully automated system focussed on maintaining product integrity from production right through to despatch. This investment supports the developments we have made at Grand Quevilly, particularly on the plant and quayside, in order to better serve our customers and meet market demands.

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