FPR – what is it about and what will change for Borealis L.A.T fertiliser products?

We would like to emphasise that all our products stay the same in their components and composition, there is no “real” change as such. Some of the nutrient contents can or need to be updated though, as the new regulation foresees different declarations, e.g. the CaO content which can be outlined for CAN, or the full water solubility declaration on the SO3 or Mg contents.

The changes are best explained by one example, showing the differences on the accompanying paper of our COMPLEX 15/15/15+8SO3+Zn:.

What we see changed here is the product description – instead of EC Fertiliser, the CE logo is indicating the conformity with FPR, and the product function category (PFC) is outlined, which is in this case PFC 1 (C) (I) (a) (II). Newly outlined are the composition, a very short use instruction and a type number. 

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FPR applies from 16th of July 2022, the previous EC 2003/2003 applied until 15th of July, no transition period has been defined. However, all products put on the market before the 16th of July may be commercialized under EC 2003/2003 without time limit. This concerns products you might have on stock with “old” labelling, but also manufacturers can continue placing fertilisers on the market as EC fertilisers under EC 2003/2003 that are produced before the 16th of July. Borealis L.A.T will sell fertilisers as soon as possible under FPR, but part of the stocked material will be commercialized under EC 2003/2003 for some weeks or months in order to avoid waste by using the existing packaging material. Stay informed by regularly checking our product pages on https://www.borealis-lat.com/en/gb/product-category/soil-fertilizers-1