excellent CV at windy condition

The wind may blowing, but Borealis L.A.T allows you to keep going!

Windy and blustery conditions can often signal the end of a day’s spreading, but by utilising Borealis L.A.T Granular AN, the window of opportunity to spread during these less favourable conditions increases significantly.

Due to its granule size (3.25mm) and its bulk density (0.9 t/m3), Borealis L.A.T Granular AN 33.5 maintains an excellent CV and consistent flow rate providing outstanding results.  Independently trialled, just listen to what Spreader and Sprayer Testing Ltd (SCS) has to say about it (link to video and trial results).  

We have demonstrated the efficiency of the granule over a prill and have the trial results to prove it.  In addition, we have illustrated the performance of our granule at a number of Spreader Demo days throughout the UK.

Want to learn more about how Borealis L.A.T Granular AN 33.5 can help you, or to enquiry about how to attend one of our regional spreader days in 2020.  Then please contact us today.