VARIO 14/10/18 +12SO₃
VARIO 14/10/18 +12SO₃ is a blend of COMPLEX 5/10/30 +17SO₃, ammonium nitrate and COMPLEX 12/27 +25SO₃. It is a potash emphasized NPK-fertilizer with additional sulphur content.
Application hint
This product can be recommended as a basic application especially for crops with higher potash need (maize, sugar beet) and/or on soils with lower potash content.
  • Blend of granulated fertilizers with similar physical quality (density, granule size and granule form)
  • Significantly less segregation compared to other blends
  • Good spreading pattern
  • Formulas are based on nitric nitrogen by combining NAC 27 N and COMPLEX NPK fertilizer 
  • Directly available nitrogen and insensitivity to volatilization losses
  • Sulphur complementation of all VARIO formulas to ensure the best nitrogen synergy

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