Our agronomic expertise proves the importance of N + S fertilization at the end of winter. Our DIP observatory gathering 3900 analyzes between 2012 and 2018 reveals that 84% of parcels express a need for sulphur. Sulfur is therefore the element to reason with the first nitrogen supply. Discover our range of fertilizers supplemented with sulphur !

Good nutrition after winter

The issue is concentrated at the end of winter, the soil must provide directly assimilable sulphate but the weak mineralization in February / March delays the availability of assimilable sulphur, the same phenomenon as nitrogen. Insufficient availability of sulphur can cause significant yield losses, which is why uptake is always recommended.

Nitrogen / sulphur synergy: a winning combination

Cereals have a sulphur absorption dynamics close to that of nitrogen. Thus, to be effective, the supply of sulphur must be achieved at the same time as the supply of nitrate nitrogen. The synergy N / S through the combined supply of two elements significantly increases the protein content of grains and their bakery quality.

Borealis L.A.T offers you a wide offer of sulphur nitrogen fertilizers

• ASN 26 N + 31SO3

• NAC + S 26 N + 13SO3

• NAC + S 27 N + 9SO3

Benefits of sulphur nitrogen fertilizers:

• Optimized formulas, rich in nitrate nitrogen and supplemented with sulphur, ideal for starting vegetation.

• Nitrogen / sulphur synergy for effective nutrition, ideal for fertilizing rapeseed and cereals.

• High physical quality (density and particle size) for precise and uniform application.