COMPLEX 18/28 +Zn
COMPLEX 18/28 +Zn is suitable for the first spring application as well as in autumn before sowing of winter crops. The N:P-ratio covers the P-demand of cereals and rapeseed in one application. Part of its total nitrogen content is immediately available nitrate. Together with water soluble phosphate and zinc the product guarantees a fast start of the crop into its vegetation.
Application hint
This NP formula is suitable for fertilization of all arable crops, especially for fertilizer banding in maize, as well as for intensively used pastures. This product is also suitable for autumn fertilization of rapeseed and winter cereals in particular as supplement to manure and on soils with appropriate potassium supply.

Granule size:

3.1 - 3.9 mm mm


1.05 t/m³



  • High physical quality ensures stability during storage, manipulation and spreading. 
  • Nitrate and zinc are important for a rapid crop development.
  • Phosphorus enhances root development and avoids phosphorus deficiency at early growth
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