Apply the remaining nitrogen amount on maize!

Depending on the sowing date and weather conditions, maize is currently developed from 2 to 3-leaf stage. The nitrogen supply with NAC 27 N can be completed at any time.

In contrast to cereals, root crops such as maize do not need a stock regulation by nitrogen fertilizer. Under certain conditions, N fertilization can also be done in one application before sowing.

We recommend to apply the nitrogen fertilization latest at the 4-5 leaf stage. A later application does not bring yield advantages but increases the risk of leaf burning and late ripening, which has the disadvantage of higher seed moisture at harvest.

Field trials have shown that NAC 27 N is effective even at an early stage of last N application. Grain maize, which is fertilized with urea (and its stabilized forms), often shows a slightly higher water content in the harvested product due to the delayed N-effect.

Graphic: NAC 27 N is more effective than urea (field trials Borealis L.A.T 2018, Lower Austria and Styria)

Our recommendations
For a fast effect,  we recommend fertilizer with a high nitrate (NO3) content
• Nitrate is the most accessible form of nitrogen for crops.
• The plants take up over 90% of their nitrogen need in the form of nitrate.
• There are no losses by volatilization of ammonia.

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