Fertilizer Storage

Use this checklist to determine how securely your fertilizer is being handled:

  • Protect fertilizers from sources of heat 
  • Protect fertilizers from damp and water
  • Protect equipment and ground from corrosion 
  • Avoid overloading and keep aisles and access clear
  • Bulk fertilizer stored in steep heaps should be removed from top to bottom
  • Fertilizers should not be exposed to direct sunlight during storage
  • Stack big bags and pallets safely in good order
  • Take care when transferring from big bag to dispenser 
  • Adhere to safety guidelines at all times
  • Prevent unauthorized access to fertilizer storage facilities
  • Ensure that accompanying papers are affixed to storage containers
  • Always dispose of empty fertilizer packages in accordance with local regulations

Especially during the wet winter it is important to store fertilizers in a dry and clean place. For all storage boxes whose bottoms are not 100 % watertight, Borealis L.A.T recommends using Absodent or Terraperl - formerly Terramol - (sold by IMERYS Absorbent - formerly Damolin) as bedding. Spreading 1-2 kg of this material per m² helps keep bags dry.

For more detailed information on the topic of Fertilizer Storage download our Storage Folder or you can turn with your questions to our colleagues.
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