Nutrient demand of sunflower


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Sunflower has a strong developed root system which makes this crop very demanding for nutritients. On the other hand, due to the developed roots sunflower uptakes nutritients from the soil that are not available to other arable crops. Sunflowers, like all oil crops, need a good phosphorus fertilization in addition to the nitrogen supply. Also, potassium and sulphur must not be overlooked.

A sunflower grain yield of 3 t/ha absorbs up to 135kg N/ha, 16 kg P2O5/ha and 16 kg K2O/ha. If 70kg N/ha is provided from the soil, then another 65kg N/ha would be fertilized. 72kg N/ha would be removed from the field by the harvest. It is very important not to exceed nitrogen quantity in order to avoid strong vegetative growth on the account of the quantity and quality of the seeds.

Our recommendation:

Our recommendation is to use complex mineral fertilizers containing the main nutrients in one granule - nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium additionally enriched with sulphur.

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