Global Fertilizer Day

Borealis L.A.T supports the annual Global Fertilizer Day, which marks the anniversary of Fritz Haber's and Carl Bosch's patent for the "synthesis of ammonia", discovered in 1908. Today this is known as the “Haber-Bosch process”, which is the main industrial process for the production of ammonia. The Global Fertilizer Day is celebrated on 13th October each year. The major objective of the event is to educate people around the globe on the benefits and sustainable use of fertilizers, but also to encourage agricultural research and innovation on a global scale. Each year we organize various internal and external activities. For example, in 2017, we planted trees next to our office and warehouses in Bulgaria and organized presentations for our employees in other locations.

For more information about Global Fertilizer Day, visit the website.

We are looking forward to celebrating Global Fertilizer Day with you on 13th October!