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L.A.T SUPREMO W 10/50/10 +B+Cu+Fe+Mn+Zn
Our products are compatible with most plantcare products. However, a test before application is recommended.

The specialty-product range is distributed by our sister company Rosier, kindly have a look at

Designed for the beginning of the plant cycle, with a high level of directly assimilable phosphorus coupled with a rapidly assimilable nitrogen form and a full package of trace elements.

Application hint

For fertigation systems: 1-3 g/l of irrigation water.

For foliar treatments: 2-4% solution, that is 4-8 kg of L.A.T SUPREMO W 10/50/10 +B+Cu+Fe+Mn+Zn for 200 l of water per hectare in open land. Repeat 2-3 times if needed.





  • Improves rooting and stimulates the metabolism
  • Enhances the establishment after seeding
  • Increases tillering and benefits yield components
  • Improves winter-recovery and recovery after adverse growth conditions
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