Borealis L.A.T launches NutriGuide

Borealis L.A.T launches NutriGuide, a new digital tool to optimise crop nutrition

Borealis L.A.T, wholly-owned subsidiary of the Borealis Group and leading fertilizer distributor, announces the launch of NutriGuide, a new digital tool developed to optimise fertilizer input. The free tool is being launched concurrently with the new Borealis L.A.T website in October, and will be made available first to growers and resellers in Austria and France.

User-friendly platform delivers tailored and precise input for better yields

The NutriGuide tool runs on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. It complements the digital services offered by the Borealis L.A.T diagnostic tool N-Pilot®, which since its launch in 2014 has found widespread use among growers. The NutriGuide is the first digital tool designed and developed by Borealis’ new in-house Digital Studio.

NutriGuide allows farmers and resellers to incorporate a range of parameters used to determine the amount of fertilizer application required for their specific needs. Users of this online application can opt for the “farmer” or “reseller” function. In only a few intuitive steps, the user enters information about soil composition, crop type and growth stage. NutriGuide then generates instant recommendations for optimal fertilizer types and amounts compliant with local regulations.

“We are proud to introduce an innovative, easy-to-use tool that helps farmers and resellers apply the right fertilizer in the right quantity, and at the right time and place,” says Rainer Höfling, CEO of Borealis’ Fertilizer & Melamine business. “The NutriGuide makes our know-how available to farmers in order to help them increase their yields in a more sustainable way.”

Smart farming technologies increase crop yields whilst ensuring optimal fertilizer application. This not only reduces fertilizer costs to farmers, but also helps avoid over-fertilization and excess run-off from fields. Using such smart tools in tandem with high-quality fertilizer helps optimise farming by improving the efficiency of fertilizers.

Launching the NutriGuide is just one of many Borealis L.A.T efforts to provide better service to its customers. Starting in October, the newly-launched Borealis L.A.T website will be more comprehensive than ever before, with a full overview of Borealis L.A.T granular fertilizers and specialty offerings linked to nutrient needs for a large variety of crops.

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