Quality Management System

At Borealis we are committed to the belief that quality and customer satisfaction are the responsibility of all employees. Alongside our firm commitment to the excellent quality of our interactions, well-developed management systems support high standards of performance. The Quality department is the owner of the integrated document management system and ensures accessibility, periodic reviews and updates of all documents. Changes are implemented through a formal approval process. Borealis locations comply with the requirements of ISO9001,  ISO14001 and ISO50001. Depending on the product application or legal requirements, particular Borealis locations are additionally certified according to OHSAS18001 and FAMI QS.

As a member company of Fertilizer Europe, Borealis is fully committed to the Product Stewardship Program for fertilizer companies through our Fertilizer Europe Product Stewardship certification. The program specifies best practice operations for management of safety, health, environment and security in the sourcing of fertilizer materials, fertilizer production and storage, and in the supply chain to the farmer. It covers mineral fertilizers, their raw materials and intermediate products and takes into account the whole life cycle of a product, from development to application. The Fertilizers Europe Product Stewardship Program qualifies companies that complete it to the most advanced level of product stewardship programs established by the global International Fertilizer Industry Association. Its implementation is verified by regular third-party audits organized by Fertilizers Europe.

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