Fertilizer application method

A good fertilizer spreader distributes the fertilizer accurately, evenly and in a uniformed manner across the field. They use centrifugal, pendulum or pneumatic spreading:

Centrifugal or pendulum spreading:
The fertiliser is broadcasted by a rotating disc or an oscillating tube.
Pneumatic spreading:
The spreading device is a rail that is fed mechanically, and the granules are propelled pneumatically. 

Centrifugal spreading is very common. The fertilizer granules drop out of a hopper onto a rotating disc, which has blades that throw the granules. The granules are then ejected at high speed and distributed at each side of the tramline. The following factors are important for even spreading: 

  • Correct fertilizer spreader adjustment
  • Appropriate soil and weather conditions during spreading (low wind, dry and rut-free soil) 
  • Selecting fertilizers with appropriate physical characteristics
When broadcasting with a centrifugal distributer, it is very important to consider the overlap distance between passes of the tractor on the field in order to ensure an even distribution of fertilizer across the field. This is because the concentration of granules decreases as distance from the broadcaster increases. The speed of driving also influences the distribution (see diagrams).
Spreader adjustment
Fertilizer spreading machines must be adjusted for a given fertilizer with a predetermined working width. Spreader adjustments are provided by the manufacturers and include the following variables:

  • Output = dose in kg/ha x working width x movement speed
  • Working width = distance between two adjacent passes of the spreader. It is also the distance between the overlap points between passes. 

Over the last 25 years the broadcasting distance that spreaders can achieve has increased from 24 to 36 meters or even greater. The farmer must make sure that the fertilizer spreading machine is suited to the required width, and select fertilizer that is also appropriate. 

Application of speciality fertilizer
Our speciality fertilizers consist of either completely water-soluble nutrient salts, liquids or suspensions of very fine particles in water. All of them are thus applicable in solution or suspension. 
  1. Completely water-soluble fertilizers for fertigation or foliar application
  2. Liquid fertilizers for foliar application
  3. Greenhouse fertilizers for fertigation 
Foliar Fertilization

Foliar application of nutrients is an efficient way of avoiding nutrient deficiencies, suppling nutrients when demand is high, and avoiding the fixation of elements in the soil. It also stimulates the growth of crops during cold periods when plant roots are not very active. The nutrient solutions can be adsorbed by the cuticle, cuticular cracks or imperfections and most importantly by the stomata, trichomes and lenticels. Chelated micronutrients are protected from reacting with other elements; they are highly water soluble, and are better distributed within the plant.

Our SUPREMO speciality products are compatible with most plant protection products. Carrying out a test before application is nevertheless recommended. 

  1. Shake the canister
  2. Fill 2/3 of the tank sprayer with clean water, turn on the mixer
  3. Add the plant protection product
  4. Add the Supremo L fertilizer
  5. Top the tank up with water until full.

  1. Fill 2/3 of the tank sprayer with clean water, turn on the mixer
  2. Add the Supremo W fertilizer
  3. Add the plant protection product
  4. Top the tank up with water until full.

Fertigation combines irrigation with fertilization by dissolving nutrients in the irrigation water supplied by drip irrigation, micro-sprinklers, capillary tubes, central pivot, or other means of irrigation. Mainly used in horticulture and greenhouses, it is an efficient way to provide a nutrient combination tailored to the crop’s needs. 

Fertigation increases the efficiency by:

  • Delivering water and nutrients directly into the root zone
  • Reduced labour and energy costs
  • Adding more flexibility (composition and dosage)

For use in fertigation systems, our SUPREMO NPK fertilizers are completely water-soluble, are available with different NPK ratios, and contain micronutrients. Each of them is designed for specific needs at different plant development stages. They are ready to use products, making it simple to achieve the correct dosage of each individual nutrient.