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Management Board

Gerald Papst,,Vice President,,BU Fertilizer Ernst Buchner,,Director,,Sales Fertilizer Andreas Steinbüchler,,Director,,Business Center Fertilizer Veronika Ettinger,,Manager,,Marketing Fertilizer, BC Zsolt Udvari,,Director,,Supply Chain Fertilizer Mark Schulz,,Manager,,General Sales Rosier Yanick Hermouet,,Manager,,General Sales TEN Wladimir Kovalenko,,Controller,,Fertilizer
“Growing with Joy” involves the active shaping of expansion and relates to growth in both a personal and a business sense. Behind the success of Borealis L.A.T stand trustworthy, reliable and customer-centric top managers with strong business acumen and ethical values. “For us, growing with joy also means portfolio enlargement, because we wish to fulfil the needs of our customers to the greatest extent possible. Past developments confirm that our new slogan corresponds with reality, as evidenced by expansion not only in terms of the numbers of items available, but also in terms of our warehousing and sales regions as a whole. All of which adds up to parallel growth amongst our partners and customers.” Gerald Papst, Vice-President Borealis L.A.T