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By measuring the reflectance of the canopy, the N-Pilot® accurately determines the nutritional status of crops and directly advises on the amount of nitrogen to be applied. Live info directly in the field The N-Pilot® is a portable reflectometer measuring nitrogen nutrition status of crops: plant chlorophyll content and amount of biomass. An easy measurement for an immediate result A measurement by the N-Pilot® is carried out in 20 seconds while moving through the field.  The ease of use makes it possible to include the heterogeneity of the fields in the decision.  A field diagnosis can lead to as many measures as necessary. The device provides fertilization advice that takes into account:  The variety  the yield  the stage  and the protein goal.
Важни факти
  • The diagnosis is fast, reliable and cost effective.
  • It provides a direct plant nitrogen advice in the field.
  • Control optimises yield and protein.
  • There is no subscription and no extra cost.
  • The N-Pilot® is a robust and autonomous device adapted to the terrain.
  • It can be used by multiple users.
  • Newly updated varieties and new species.
  • It has a wide spectrum of use: Soft wheat, hard wheat, wheat, winter barley, spring barley, triticale and rape.
Оптимизиране на добива
Оптимизиране на добива
Документи и видео
Документи и видео
Вземете своя N-Pilot®
Вземете своя N-Pilot®
 Estimate the projected dose for giving the crop what it needs.  Split this total dose to be closer to the needs of the crop.  Use a control tool to adjust the dose of the latest nitrogen inputs for a better yield/protein compromise. List of grains available: Crop Measurement period Soft wheat 2 nodes at ear emergence Hard wheat 2 nodes at ear emergence Spring wheat 2 nodes at ear emergence Winter/spring barley 1-2 nodes The N-Pilot product sheet, the explanatory video and the user testimonial can be found by clicking here.
The use of the N-pilot is based on a comparison between an over-fertilized zone and the rest of the field. The creation of a reference zone is therefore essential for the use of the N-Pilot because this is a calibration step. The calibration zone of the N-Pilot is in the same field as the one to be checked: this makes it possible to calibrate the tool to "all other parameters" (varieties, previous crop, type of soil, sowing condition, plant health protection, etc.). The only difference lies in the nitrogen status: in the reference zone the nitrogen is not a limiting factor. Each measurement is expressed as a percentage of the index obtained on the reference zone (zone representative of the field where the nitrogen is not limiting). The decision to readjust the nitrogen dose is made without delay. Link to dedicated fertilization recommendations
List of downloadable documents:  Brochure marketing N-Pilot ®: Download  Reference area: Download  Order form: Download  Return order form to: agronomy@borealisgroup.com