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By measuring the reflectance of the canopy, the N-Pilot® accurately determines the nutritional status of crops and directly advises on the amount of nitrogen to be applied. Live info directly in the field The N-Pilot® is a portable reflectometer measuring nitrogen nutrition status of crops: plant chlorophyll content and amount of biomass. An easy measurement for an immediate result A measurement by the N-Pilot® is carried out in 20 seconds while moving through the field.  The ease of use makes it possible to include the heterogeneity of the fields in the decision.  A field diagnosis can lead to as many measures as necessary. The device provides fertilization advice that takes into account:  The variety  the yield  the stage  and the protein goal.
Важни факти
  • The diagnosis is fast, reliable and cost effective.
  • It provides a direct plant nitrogen advice in the field.
  • Control optimises yield and protein.
  • There is no subscription and no extra cost.
  • The N-Pilot® is a robust and autonomous device adapted to the terrain.
  • It can be used by multiple users.
  • Newly updated varieties and new species.
  • It has a wide spectrum of use: Soft wheat, hard wheat, wheat, winter barley, spring barley, triticale and rape.